Another day - another bike

Honda CB 77 1965, 305 cc. This was the largest displacement Honda of its day.
I have not touched the bike. That is why it is running. I would like to get
correct bend pipes (the are their way). But other than that and chaning tires
to better handling I will not do anything until I have at least 3 Japanese bikes
that are completely restored and ready to be used. Currently this i my only
older Japanese bikes that can ridden any day. Later, maybe the leval of restoration
will be raised. Not before two Bridgestones, Tohatsu, Honda CB92  and maybe something
else has been restored. It looks like I am going to be riding the CB77 quite long.


Does anyone know if the seat is too wide?. Looks a bit wide
It seems that some bikes had Dream badges, is this correct.

The pipes have incorrect bend. As you see they touch the starter. Is this a familiar problem.

If you have any info, please email.