David Landes: The Wealth and Poverty of the Nations

Not much of this one, yet
The Ecomist wrote when the book was published:
"if you read just just one book this year, it should be this"

There is not much to add to that statement, but I will do that (later)

This book handles the issue on a macro economic level,
it does not the address micro economic level question :
Why some people have money and others don't. The latter,
I believe, does have something to do with Ducati spare parts.

Ruttokellot (The Plaque Bells) by Ilkka Remes
This one book was reviewed by Mr. Tuomioja, too. He crititised the book for a number of things. "Why the villains are always Russians?". The book was advertised " Disapproved by the Minister of Foreign Affairs". Of course, the book became a best seller. 
I guess he did not like that the real sleazy guy was the (fictional) Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs. When I now think of it, there could be some similiraties in the character.
By the way, would John Le Carre write a thriller where the villains would be frustrated members of Lichtenstein secret service. Of course, not. It ia always UK, US, Old Soviet  or old Nazis.
The book was not that good but quite a pace anyway. And, of course, Mr. Tuomioja has very little or no sense of humour.