Ilpo Lagerstedt: Minš Tex Willer
(That's "Io Tex Willer" for those from Tex Willerland)

I have not actully read many of the Tex Willer comic books, but after reading this
you really woudl like to read the comics. The book is not a collection of old strips
but after reading the book I think I'll read some of the comics books.
I had no idea why western stories were so popular in Italy  According to Ilpo
Lagerstedt when US troups landed in Italy and the fascists were beaten, people
thought that they were like the cavalry or cowboys to save people.
Actually New York Times wrote July, 15, 48 "This is the final showdown between the government and the communists", So the Italians were not the only ones to use
western movie terminology .
Also it was new to me why the format of the books was as it was. There was
serious shortage of paper in Italy those days.
Clint Eastwood has really thank Giaovanni Luigi Bonelli (1908-2001), the creator
of Tex Willer for his fame. Had not there been so popular western comics, Sergio Leone
would not have gotten him to play in Italo-westerns.