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Books not reviewed by Mr. Tuomioja

Tex Willer

The Wealth and Poverty of the Nations

From TT to Tokyo (This certainly won't be reviewed by Mr. Tuomioja)

Monkey Butt (no link yet, but you already know the book)
written by Rick Sieman

Here is Rick Sieman's (Super Hunky) autograph
on my CZ's tank (the other side is signed by Roger de Coster and Heikki Mikkola)

Ruttokellot (that is The Plague Bells)

How does Mr. Tuomioja's page compare with ours

Mr. Tuomioja Last Drop Racing
Humor None, what so ever You'll be judge
Pics Only of himself Lots of them and only a few of Mr. Rolling H. himself
Bikes None, what so ever What do you expect, these are supposed to be interesting pages
Gals Don't expect to ever see any Maybe, maybe not (if you send your picture, we might publish it)


When arranging my book shelf.

Shakespeare & co

Isaac Asimov

Carl Barks