Honda CB92

Honda 125 cc CB92 was a radical bike when introduced. Good looks, electric start and chrome.
The tank had racing look and, in fact, many were raced.
This bike is supposed to be raced at the famous Helsinki Eläintarhanajot race.
More on Eläintarhanajot race is in the Formula Junior section
I am not sure, but this is what I was told when buying it years ago. My friend
did some job for a popular Finnish techical magazine Tekniikan Maailma (The World of Technics).
The magazine had rebted garages around Helsinki and I was helping him. When entering the
garage I noticed a blue CB92. The bike had a modified head with two carbs and really crude
rear sets and linkage made of ribbed steel bar (the style use use with concrete).
I left a note on the bike and got it for about 150 USD. I did restore it but left it for years in a barn.
I had purchased another (red one) on that had been left under a tree. The price was only about 25 dollars,
but it was in quite bad shape. This one I had dismantled and painted but only partly re-assmbled.
Someone who had a CB92 as his first bike kept calling me and I promised to show him the bikes.
He kept calling so often that I took hin to this barn and sold him the red bike as it needed more work.
He has done a superb job restoring it and I hope I can get some pictures here.

This CB292 is of an earlier model as it has magnesium hubs. The tank is not aluminum (maybe
that was mixed up with the other bike). The rear lamp is quite small as in the earlier. models.
I will check the frame number when I'm back in the garage (this part is written when traveling).

OK, here is the project.