Commie bikes

East European bikes were not that valued earlier. Now, there are many enthuastics around.

CZ 250 MX based enduro bike
and Mr. Reutsalo,  a well known CZ rider

Story of the DKW-IFA

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A Short story of BMW vs EMW

After WW2 some of the BMW factories & tools were located in Eastern Germany. They stared producing the same pre war models. West German BWM was not too happy about this and, because of trademark ownership, the eastern factory changed to EMW.

Here is a western and eastern version


DKW machinery was looted to Soviet Union. So you had the same old 125 DKW (BSA Bantam, etc) produced in Soviet Union as Moskva. At least in Finland it was Moskva 125 Star. (Western)
I understand that DKW RT125 drawings & rights were given as war compensation to allied.
That is why you have so many clones. The original factory became IFA and later MZ.

 DKW cars were sold at one time as Donau and later the western DKW name was changed Auto-Union and then to Audi. Audi, DKW,  Horch, and Wanderer  were in the 30's Auto-Union.

More to follow on MZ's and DKW's.
OK, here is something on early DKW-IFA

Russian IC Works Enduro

Easier to work on porting