The Tale of Two Hondas

I had purchased a C72 305 Dream a long time ago ('77 or so). I did fix restore it then and after riding for a couple of years the bike had stayed in a barn for almost 20 years. Now, here comes the curse of Ebay. I noticed an auction for C77 pistons and valves, so I purchased them (about 100 UDS) and decided to get the Dream out of the barn and enjoy the full power of new pistons. When removing the cylinders I noticed that the rocker arms and camshaft were worn. It was later found being an oil pump problem. I called Bill Silver www.honda305.com and he told that he has an used set for 50 bucks or so. I thought of asking some of my friends first. Now, I got a phone number for someone who was supposed to have old parts. He did not but knew someone else with a 305 spare engine and an almost complete 250 (cost about 350 dollars delivered). The bike  was much better than I thought, unfortunately. Unfortunately, because this drove me to the idea of fixing the 250. Of course, I needed parts for the 250, too. So I got another one (without engine this time) for about 100 dollars. Luckily that was beyond any hope of restoring. I created a web page to tell about my needs. That was not such a bad idea. I have been able to get almost all the parts needed. Of course, the 250 Dream is now in parts and do not want to calculate how much have these 50 bucks camshaft parts cost me.

More to follow