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Ducati 450 Desmo

I have owned this bike since something like '79. When I first bought it , it was running but in any good shape. It has now a Fontana front brake. I purchased it just after the bike.
The cost of the front wheel was about 80 USD. In those days nobody wanted a drum brake.
This has been easily compensated by the cost of the reserve parts. The bike has cost me probably 10 USD /per kilometer ridden.  Check the manifold. Somebody calculated that it should be this long. (Turned out it vibrated quite heavyly)

October, 21, 2003. As I did some Lauttasaariring laps on the Spondon tonight, it is now
time to work again on the Ducati.
So here are some changes for 05.


Ducati 450 as in summer 2001.

There are some things still be addressed.

Summer 05. The shorter manimold.
I think the air clear has to go

The seat has been redone.
Now looking at the older picture
the tool box has got to go.
The stickers are uglier than before
(It is good to have the old picture here)

See the part of really no purpose on the seat. It does have the same shape as the tank.

The fork tubes should still be cut for better looks. And the air filter  box has to go.

To start the engine you have to fold the foot peg. Here is the riding position.

The foot peg is folded and now it is time to give a good kick and hope your foot won't slip.

The front mud guard (as the Britisk call it) looks a bit too heavy. The front brake not only looks but is heavy, but it is a genuine Fontana.
The front tire is of very bad quality. Has to be changed .

Tire, fender and shortening the fork tubes are on the list.

Yes , it is quite narrow.