The effect of rock'n'roll records in the political and financial press

Updated 12.08.2009 .
Most of these examples are from the Economist

Plastic Ono Band

Stones  More Stones still more   The Stones kept a-rollin' , Rolling Stones,  You can use it twice This one was long due and lot more expected (my lucky guess)

Beatles More Beatles, kinda Another one (Reason magazine) More Beatles Not really Beatles but Rutles  Do you remember the film

Neil Young  More Young

Shirley Ellis

Lou Christie

Chris de Burgh - not really rock but number 1 on 25 countries

Dylan    Dylan&Hendrix   More Dylan  Even more Dylan  Same old Dylan twice used  Dylan, again  Dylan, who else Not a big wonder to this one twice  Vintage Dylan  Blood on the tracks Dylan It's the third time they are  a-Changing

Pink Floyd


Jerry Lee Lewis   That was such good headline that they used it twice (at least) . Or 3 times (I guess, the Crickets never did this)

Rock getting lame

Fats Waller  (well, not really rock'n'roll, but would have been had the term been invented) More Waller

Simon & Garfunkel (this one appeared in Reason) Another instance

Eddie Cochran


William Shakespeare (if rock would have been invented in his days, he would certainly contributed)

The Undertones and of course the late John Peel remembered

Led Zeppelin More Zep Well, almost Zep


Elvis Costello (Reason magazine)

Ian Dury & The Blockheads

Platters  (well, 25 years after the first recording) A good title get reused

Deep Purple

Woody Herman (not rock as such, but if Stairway to Heaven got accepted on this page)

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Incredibly naive lyrics,but if Stairway to Heaven got accepted on this page)

Chris de Burgh (this one is only here for the title, certainly not for the music)

Thunderclap Newman (do not expect any others, as this was one their only hit and they did not make more than 3 singles, anyway)

Neil Sedaka

Not music, but does this rock  (Compared to you know what)

Long John Baldry (Ok, Three Dog Man had one with this title, too)

Dusty Springfield

Cheech & Chong

Procol Harum (well, almost)

Frank Zappa (only once, yet. This on seen in Reason magazine)

McKinley Morganfield (What, you don't know who he was???)

Ash (How many others? Maybe MC5 didnīt record one with this title, but I am sure they at least thought of this
Today, you just burn your taste buds (A commercial link, you do not see many of them on at this site)

Ok, this one is not music or rock as the Douglas Adams and Shakespeare ones. This is just to remind of a great book and great film

Charles Dickens was rock star of his day

This one is music but the film is really the rock item (still, great music, too)

Lou Reed , Lou Reed rerun

Alice Cooper

Mark Bolan

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Dave Clark 5

David Bowie

Boris Pickett & The Crypt Kickers This must be their only record

The Who - What only one, yet

Suzy Quattro

Otis Redding

Mel Brooks (certainly has rock credibility)

Tommy Steele Well, Guy Mitchell did also have a nuber one hit with the same tune

Traveling Wilburys

Yes, the first one by the Ventures