Nine below Zero or Sonny Boy Williamson cold

You might think that is very cold as we life so north. As you probably know, there are 10 million people living above the 60th latitude. Half of them live in Finland. How do Finns manage to do it? You might think it is the vodka we drink. I guess that helps, but more is helped by the warm ocean stream (Gulf stream). It raises to temperature in Scandinavia and lowers the temperature in New England. So even that New England is so much south of Scandinavia, the seasons are not so different.

However, sometimes we do have Sonny Boy cold. That is time for Winterreisen.

Sonny Boy Williamson, aka Rice Miller. Here is a link to the Sonny Boy page.
Nine Below Zero link.

It is not that uncommon to see people taking a walk on the ice. So where they are? I just pointed the camera the other way to get more of that old polar feeling.

There is biker on the ice.

It is not a polar bear.
They do not live in Finland. Really? Really!

Modern day Shackleton. Your fearless arctic explorer, who wandered to a distance of almost 2 km from the closest bar.

The ship routes are kept open by ice brakers. Here the ship in distance.