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Tohatsu 125

In 2008 there was an ad on ebay for an unknown bike. "That must be a Tohatsu" . So there is another one in the garage. There has been quite a lot work on the Formula Junior Elhoo, Honda CR 125's , Suzuki RMs, and the Honda CL350 Four (that Honda never did produce) and some others. So there has not been so much interest in the Tohatsu 125.
Then Phil of Australia sends pictures of his 250 Tohatsus. "If he can do it, so can we." As, the 250 looks now quite good and after taking a good look at the 125, it was decided to work on that too.

The first stage

Finding out about the missing parts

.1. The rear lamp (the 250 is missing that, too)

2. Left side footpeg (this is probably quite easy to figre out.

3. Side covers. If we get somewhere pictures and measurements they might be "correct". If not we have to just figure out the best we can

4. Carb covers. Probably they were the first parts that lost.

Before and after

The tires

This bike has Yokohama 22x2.75 tires. Now that looks like the outside diameter. The wheels resemble 16 inch wheels.
There is a special bevel edge in the tire. I understand Lilacs used the same style
Anyone with knowledge of this type.

Please email lastdrop

There is even a plan to have the tires reproduced if there would maybe 30 people taking a set.