The last round for European and Scandinavian Classic Series 2001

This was the first race for Terho´s Bridgestone 175. The results were quite promising. Second is first race, third in second race.

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Yes. we are close to Arctic Circle

175 Class includes also bikes built before '47
Terho on Bridgestone 175,
Jarno Elo on Motobi 175

Bridgestone 175

Fix the ignition - place in top three

Yes. first time on track, second place

Imperial, (the name tells it all)

The only instrument you need on an Imperial

Ducati 450

Elegant lines of the Imperial engine

Imperial engine

When at Classic Race

AJS 7R used to be called "Boy racer". Must be "Grandpa racer" by now

Another Seeley

Triumph 500 in pre-47 class

Classic transportation

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