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Official BOGUS (Bridgestone Owners Group, Uusimaa, Suomi) homepage

As the other member of this group I am proud to announce being the first ever to actually ride a Bridgestone in Finland. Almost around the block. Only one cylinder firing, but no other Bridgestone rider (that means you, Terho) has done that in this county.
And if BOGUS gets too crowded, I can always join the TOSH (Tohatsu Owner, Suomi, Helsinki).

2001 Bridgestone Rally Tennessee

News June, 2, 01

Terho has now actually outdone me by 100%. Or more.
He has ridden a twice the distance I did and with both
cylinders firing. There was a leak, though, and gearbox
oil is causing the right cylinder to smoke. See the movie.

News August, 17, 02

Terho is currently running second in the European series on his 175 BS.

News October, 18, 03

Terho is did again well in the classic series. Now we are working on a 350 racer, too..

News May, 08

Why nothing ib between these dates? Well, one of us has been lazy. I am not pointing to anyone, but I can say that it has not been Terho.
Here it is. Terho's 350 racer. Here and see it run. See the dry clutch.


See the quality . And it will be even better

Dell'Orto magnesium card

Ignition pickup

The bike is quite narrow. Carbs are the first to go when falling

Lean , clean and , at least when Terho is aboerad, mean

Check the ring aroud the outer edge. This is a real improvement.

No problem for Danny boy to hear these pipes calling

Yamaha TD1 seat

Oli pump where the generator once was

Robinson brake

Looks as great from this side. The cables needs some tidying up.

Look for new pictures on this site. Coming soon.