March, 2004. At last the 175 Bridgestone is going to be rebuilt. Remember, it was in 2000, when Bridgestoen was ever ridden in Finland. On one cylinder once around the block. After that Terho has done the classic races on his 175 races. Well, it is time for me to do something that he has not done. Restoring a Bridgestone (starting with a 175) and having it registered. So in the near future, I hope, I will be the first one to ride a street legal Bridgestone in Finland. So that makes me the first Bridgestone rider in Finland twice. The first one to ride one the street and the first one to do it legally (a few years after the first ride)

This is another project that would not have gotten nowhrere without Alex.

I cannot believe it. All that junk

Another picture of the barn

Another bike - maybe this one wiil
be a racer in the future

Bikes hanging from the ceiling keep
losing parts

Yesterday this bike had wheels and engine


Garage scene
Bridgestone 175 in the backgound
Tohatsu, Ducati and Spondon