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No, Last Drop Racing team did not enter the race at Brands Hatch.
This is how it was (mainly Formula Juniors).
Maybe in the future, when there is no more any challenge in Finland.


Cooper T67


Front wheel driven Bond 1960

Front wheel drive


Volpini front engined Formula Junior
(Headless #1)

(Headless #2)

Cooper T59

Cooper T59

Cooper Bobtail
pretty much like Formula 2 with full cover


Hewland box

Elva inboard brakes

Renault gear box

Take me to your leader
or Lancia from outer space

Cooper steering wheel

Elva (as  French "she goes")

There were also some larger engined cars

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Chevron B57


Cooper T-56 (what else it could be)

Cooper with Coventry-Climax engine

Cooper T43


Fafnir Formula Junior



What's better than having a Brabham?  Two Brabhams


Chevron B28

Cooper T82

Jaguar D


Patrick Depailler car

Formula Junior Ford engine - Cosworth head


Gilera 500

Gilera 500 with Honda 250-4 in the background
The Honda has modern 250 4-cylinder engine. The sound is genuine great

Lister Jaguar

Lola and Cooper Monaco

Two Morgans

Morgan tried to go modern. I think they did only a couple of these. Cooper Bobtail in the background



This is Trojan Horse Power

Power to the people

Why so many pictures of wheels.
We are trying to get correct looking wheels for our Formula Junior .

Cooper wheel

A bit newer style Cooper wheel

Cooper wheel

Another Cooper wheel

Compomotive "Minilite"
There are several pictures of wheels as our own racer has such lame looking wheels. As of May '05 the Renault Dauphine wheels are not anymore used.