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In July it was the first race. Fresh engine, disk brakes and new suspension. None of which helped much. Well, the car was still sliding (more suspension work needed), run only on 3 cylinders, still over heating problems and the brakes had incorrect leverage.
In August we did get the engine running much better with the Webers. Unfortunately, they were in too steep angle and setting the fuel level correctly was not possible. New brake pedal mechanism helped a lot and the car does stop, now. The suspension needs more work and we will try adding rear a stabilizier bar. It was also noticed that the wheels were not aligned.

The first setup. Weber carbs with
tilted manifold. This lead to carbs
flooding. After the race this was 
fixed. Check the pics below. 
See also the special tool 

Using the special tool

Aligning the wheels
See the tilted carbs

Alinging the wheels. See the carbs

The artist at work

New position

Heating before welding