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Summer 05

This year the wheels will finally be as they should be. That was not so easy.
The fairing has been repaired and it is time to fix the engine problems.

The fairing is repaired

To make the wheels look
just right, the edge of
rim needed shaving

The disc had to be modified
to accept the Renault wheel

Working on the head. A few hp more. Once the new exhaust pipe is made, the engine should be OK.
June 10 dyno test revealed that there are still things to do.

Finally, the wheels are as close as possible to original Cooper wheels
Here is a link to the pictures taken at the 04 Brands Hatcxh race.

Great race in Sweden. Except for DNF.
Lower end bearing seized and the con rod broke. This is what is left of the bearing.

Black is black. As Los Bravos sang.

The piston is still in one piece,but will be replaced.

Time for the new drum brakes.
Forest is the eternal source for Finns. Both in material and spiritural sense

"Just take what you need and leave
the rest"
-Robbie Robertson

"But they should have never taken the very best"
Well, if this is the very best, I'll be
________(just fill in)

There she is.
Will it be Elva (She goes)
or Elfrein (She stops)?
Or Efrain (Pippi's dad)