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Last summer it was found out that still a few things need to be fixed.
This winter most of that has beeen fixed
We managed to make the car faster (there will still be some improvemenst). In the first race the lap times were way better than last year and the year before. The fearless driver was critisized for braking too much before the turns. He did act accordingly. There will be a video shortly demonstrating this .

New breather tank

New water tank

Aleksi admires his work

Fairing fitting

At the doctor's office

The curve needs to be improved

The vehicle needs to improved

The driver needs to be improved

Kingpin was earlier called "kuningaspultti" in Finnish.
Here we see some guillotine results on this king.

The new drive shaft were longer, so we needed to make a a new bearing holder. This should be an improvent as the rear track is now 40 mm wider.

As two wheels were damaged, we decided to make wider wheels

Two wheels make one