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Linking Ford engine to a Renault gear box

The shaft between the engine and gear box has to be modified. First; the distance between the clucth plate and the mainshaft is differnt. So you nned to extend the shaft. This had been done when the racer was first built  adding some 50 mm by weilding together two Reanault shafts. The Renault and Ford clutch plates also have different centers. The original quick and dirty method was welding a Renalut plate center to a Ford plate.
We are going to weld together a Renault and a Ford shaft so that original Ford clutch plates can be used.

New combined shaft
Now we can use Ford
clutch plate

Cut for welding

By the way, you can use a Mitsubishi Colt plate (Daikin MBD019U),
If you cannot locate an Anglia plate.